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California’s Leading Growers

At Wonderful Pistachios, our Grower Partners are at the heart of our business. By investing in each other, we achieve the highest pistachio grower returns in California.

Our Growers See Greater Financial Returns, Period.

Over 1,000 Wonderful Pistachio Grower Partners are receiving the highest returns with the power of the Wonderful Pistachios brand, our world wide sales team, and the most efficient plant in the industry.

  • #1 Harvest service in the industry

  • State-of-the-art facilities across 4 locations

  • Reliable trucking from orchard to plant

  • Guaranteed home for 
your crop

Join America’s #1 Snack Nut Brand

With investments in large-scale consumer marketing and innovative products like our No Shells pistachios and assorted flavors, visibility of your product is guaranteed.


Retail stores carrying Wonderful Pistachios


Merchandisers in stores daily


Invested in marketing


California Central Valley employees

News and Events

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From the latest advertising campaigns to corporate news and more, stay updated on all things pistachios.

“Get Crackin’” makes a comeback

Our iconic “Get Crackin’” campaign returns with a fresh batch of pop culture celebrities – and some are out of this world.

Add the Sea Salt and Pepper

Introducing the newest flavor to our award-winning No Shells lineup: Sea Salt & Pepper.

Wonderful Pistachios Surpasses $1BN

With annual North American retail sales surpassing the $1 billion mark, it’s the first Wonderful Company portfolio to reach this milestone.

Why Wonderful

Global Scale With A Local touch

No other processor in the industry has invested in global sales, warehousing, and operations.

Operations & PRocessing

  • California

Global Warehouses

  • Belgium

  • California

  • China

  • India

  • Mexico

  • UAE

Sales Offices

  • Australia

  • Belgium

  • California

  • China

  • India

  • Mexico

  • South Korea

  • UAE

Investing in California’s Central Valley

We believe making an impact begins in your own neighborhood, which is why we collaborate with local partners to strengthen Central Valley residents’ health, education, families, and futures.

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With Us

Partner with us and together we’ll maximize grower returns and build a long, sustainable future for pistachio growers.