Why Wonderful

The Highest Returns in the Industry

We work closely with our growers to deliver the highest-quality California pistachios all across the planet. The result? The highest financial returns for our growers.

#1 Harvest Service in the Industry

We can process up to 1,800 truckloads of pistachios per day, ensuring your harvest goes uninterrupted, and our staff is always available to meet you in the field with your harvest decisions.

Reliable trucking from orchard 
to plant

Supported by a fleet of trucks servicing four plant locations, our pistachios go from tree to silo in less than 24 hours and ensure growers maintain the highest quality and pack-outs.

State-of-the-art facilities across four locations

Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced processing technology available, allowing us to efficiently shell, sort, grade, process, roast, flavor, and package billions of nuts each year, ensuring only the highest quality and consistent demand for your product.

Guaranteed Home For 
Your Crop

With the largest warehousing and silo storage capacity in the world, your crop has a guaranteed home. But that’s not all. We've invested over $1 billion in buildings and facilities.

“While no one can predict the future, one thing we can promise is that the more that California pistachio growers support Wonderful, the better the future will be for the domestic pistachio industry.”

Stewart Resnick, Co-Owner/President, Wonderful Pistachios

With Us

Partner with us and together we’ll maximize grower returns and build a long, sustainable future for pistachio growers.